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When you need money, but borrowing from friends or relatives is not an option, but the bank disappears, will help the Seimer. No need to go anywhere, do not need any information or proof of income. Even if the credit history is “not very”, or you are unemployed, or, even worse, you have to pay off the mortgage payment, and the salary is delayed for a couple of days. Constantly online, without days off, without interruptions, the Seimer is functioning.

Why do borrowers more often choose Seimer

The orientation of the microfinance organization Seimer is the issuance of a microcredit loan to everyone who applies for a financial loan. More than 80% of clients further recommend an automatic micro-credit service to friends and acquaintances. More than 90% of clients immediately receive a cash loan. To this end, the company employs a team of professional employees, orienting an automatic robot to a job profitable for the client.

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Online loan to the MFI Zaymer site https://Mrs.

The Seimer offers:

  • automatic loan issuance system;
  • This robot, which is not important credit history. Provided that it is bad, after a successful refund, the robot will improve it;
  • the robot does not need any certificates and receipts about earnings, about the place of work, the client registers once on the site;
  • For registration, you need a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and Internet access;
  • for greater mobility, you can register through the social networks: Odnoklassniki or, or through the website of the State Service;
  • the robot does not sleep at night and does not eat lunch during the day, is always waiting for an application for money;
  • In the automatic mode, money is transferred to the bank card, bank account, Yandex.Money, QIWI wallet, through the Golden Crown system, the Contact system;
  • the minimum loan amount is 2000 rubles;
  • maximum – 30,000 rubles;
  • interest rate per day depends on the loan period and ranges from 0.76%, with a minimum period and up to 1.5% at the maximum;
  • The minimum age for receiving a loan is 18 years;
  • the minimum term for issuing a loan is 7 days;
  • the maximum period for which the loan is taken is up to 30 days;
  • from four minutes of waiting passes to verify the application;
  • the robot instantly transfers money when the loan is approved.

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In case of equal other conditions, the Seimer gives out a microloan with a smaller percentage and for a shorter period than banks. Moreover, the longer the loan term and the higher the amount, the lower the interest rate.

The service does not collect hidden fees and commissions. Ongoing operations are performed openly and visible to the client at the time of the loan. Since the loan is made by an automated robot, operator participation is excluded, and accordingly, there is no delay or delay. The robot works in software mode, it does it quickly.

Getting a loan from the MFI

  1. the client fills out a short questionnaire for registration in the personal account of the site;
  2. indicates passport information;
  3. You must specify the registration information of the card on which the transfer of microcredit funds will be made.

Takes it from 4 minutes time. After it remains only to wait for approval and get the money specified in your account.

Apply for and get a loan in Seimer →

Summary of the company LLC MFC “Seimer”

Clients of the automatic system find the robot online at any time of the day. The robot will not deceive, it will not be mistaken, the robot does work without reproaches and references to fatigue. The majority of customers, having spent 4 minutes on registration, in 95% of cases speak positively about the site and are satisfied with receiving a microcredit instantly. The company has been engaged in financial services since 2010, is part of an international holding. The level of trust in the company among customers is high.