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also possible with negative Schufa

also possible with negative Schufa

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At the present time, many have a loan that has been used for different things. A credit or a payment obligation is always noted in the Schufa, so that then negative entries arise. If the consumer needs another loan to settle accounts or make purchases, it is often not easy to convince a bank of the lending. But nevertheless it is possible to obtain a loan despite negative Schufa, if the customer is sufficiently informed and prepares.

How is a loan possible?

How is a loan possible?

Consumers who have negative entries in the Schufa often find it difficult to obtain a loan. Any negative entry means that the credit rating is downgraded. But who can provide collateral, but can still apply for a loan despite negative Schufa. Banks demand collateral just when their own creditworthiness is not very good. Collateral offers the bank the possibility to rank the creditworthiness higher, in order to then grant a loan despite negative Schufa.

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Which collateral is usual?

The collateral that banks demand can be very different. The most common securities always include bank guarantees and life insurance. A bank guarantee is exercised by a person who provides the customer. This can be a family member or a stranger. In which relationship the customer stands with the guarantor, the bank does not matter. However, it does not matter that the guarantor also has to meet some requirements.

So it is always important that a guarantor is solvent. Solvent in this case means that there are no negative entries in the Schufa and that the income comes from an indefinite employment relationship. The guarantor must complete a form by entering his income and expenses. If a large amount remains at the end, the guarantor is usually granted. But there is also the chance to offer a life insurance with a high repurchase value as collateral. As a guideline, you can take the buyback value, which must be at least as high as the loan amount.

Which loan amount can be expected?

Which loan amount can be expected?

A loan despite negative Schufa does not turn out as high as a loan without entries in the Schufa.So it must be expected that here only a small loan is awarded. The sum varies between 500 euros and 5000 euros. The better the collateral, the higher the loan amount can be.

Everyone should keep in mind that the loan must be repaid and best, without having to take his collateral. Small loan amounts can be redeemed within one year, so that debt freedom quickly returns. The customer should think in advance how high the sum should be to take only the most necessary.